Hi, I'm Jennifer

With over 20 years of experience as a highly successful writer, television and digital producer, and award-winning documentary producer, I am confident I can deliver top-quality content that will exceed your expectations. My passion for writing dates back to childhood, and I have honed my skills through years of professional experience. In addition to "Essence of Lavender", I'm a full-time writer-producer for CNN, Warner Bros/Discovery. 



About the Company

Step into the vibrant world of Essence of Lavender, a dynamic publishing agency rooted in the heart of the United States. I'm not just about books; I'm about crafting high-quality literary experiences that span the spectrum—from captivating coloring books for both kids and adults to empowering self-help guides and fiction drawn from the depths of my own experiences and wild imagination.

With Essence of Lavender, get ready to embark on a journey where our books go beyond the pages. They're not just stories; they're invitations to explore, motivate, and elevate your mind to faraway places you've never imagined.